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Quality Assurance Analyst/ AM


02 Jul, 2019

Quality Assurance
Job Type

Skills Required
  • Basic knowledge of applicable software to infer statistical data
  • Familiarity with the tools, concepts and methodologies of quality management
  • Should have excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills (Command on Sindhi language is a plus)
  • Provide proactive suggestions on how to improve the QA team’s execution against

Job Level
Management Staff

Job Specification

  • Qualification: Bachelor's degree in Nursing and/or Public Health, Social Sciences, Business Administration
  • Experience: 2 - 5 years’ experience in a related healthcare organization
  • Age: 25- 45 years
  • Gender: Female/ Male (Males are encouraged to apply)


  • Check compliance of all clinical operations (focusing on Karachi and interior Sindh) via assigned monthly activities
  • To determine and document key areas that may need improvement
  • Assist the QA department in creating awareness within the organization of a quality-driven culture
  • Monitoring of calls landed in the call centers with an objective to evaluate and improvise quality of services
  • Monitoring of ambulatory service operations through monthly clinical inspections and observations with an objective to improvise the services (focusing on Karachi and interior Sindh)
  • To have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the program
  • To gather accurate information provided by respective stakeholders in a courteous and professional manner
  • Review of quality data and analysis of business statistics on monthly basis
  • Monthly training/motivational sessions based on QA findings to help businesses and individuals eradicate the problem
  • To assist Manager QA in implementation of Quality Management Systems across AHCS
  • To assist QA department in internal and external quality audits
  • To ensure implementation of qualitative programs and continuous improvement
  • Any other task assigned by the Manager QA

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