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Manager - SPAS Operations

Thatta & Sajawal

07 May, 2019

Sindh Peoples Ambulance Service
Job Type

Skills Required
  • Qualification: Graduate/ Post Graduate/ MBBS (Preferred)
  • Experience: Around 10 years of Clinical & Management experience
  • Proficient in Sindhi

Job Level
Management Staff

Job Specification

Education: Graduate/ Post Graduate/ MBBS (Preferred)

Experience: Around 7 - 10 years of Clinical & Management experience

Training/Courses: General Management, ACLS, BLS, PALS & ATLS etc.

Age:  30-40 years

Travelling Required: ( KHI + Thatta + Sajawal )

Location: Thatta & Sajawal



  • Able to Manage teams in multiple locations
  • Able to manage local media
  • Liaison with Govt. hospitals, bureaucracy and law enforcement agencies
  • 24/7 on call availability due to nature of operations
  • Able to manage and control budgets
  • Good Communication & Presentation Skills
  • To provide leadership to the Team of staff in the various disciplines of the Emergency Ambulance Services
  • To liaise and network with the stakeholders in the private and public sectors that are involved with providing the Service and keep abreast of any changes, e.g. Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Government officials
  • To ensure that the condition of all the Emergency Ambulances are maintained to a level that there is minimal disruption to the services that are being provided & Ensure that the quality standards of Service Delivery 
  • To manage the logistics of the vehicles and maintain data that services are adequate for the area that is assigned
  • To prepare and provide statistical reports for the EMS to Senior Management
  • To be involved in the recruitment and selection process of staff and provide motivation and guidance to ensure retention of key staff
  • To organize and develop a Training Plan for the EMS Operations staff for implementation
  • To ensure that Operations staff are current in their skills to provide the highest level of Service Delivery
  • Ensuring Compliance of Clinical indicators (Aspirin, Analgesia, and Tranexamic Acid & CPR in Cardiac Arrest through Clinical governance and audits
  • Ensure ISO requirement and Compliance
  • Reviewing of Response forms, identifying the training needs and providing guideline of standard procedures
  • Identify and implement the need of new drugs & implementation of best practices in EMS along with its guideline through reviewing & Visit international EMS
  • Prepare team for Automation
  • Reviewing customer requirements and ensuring that they are met & Setting standards for quality as well as health and safety
  • Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff & Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures

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