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Manager Fleet, Bio Medical & Workshop


16 Mar, 2019

Emergency Medical Service
Job Type

Skills Required

Technical Skills

  • Computer literate with knowledge of IT based service software system
  • Able to read technical manuals & diagrams

Management Skills

  • Good communication & presentation skills
  • Strong leadership and supervisory skills


Job Level
Management Staff

Job Specification

  • Qualification: B.E / B-Tech / D.A.E preferably with Management qualifications
  • Experience: 4 to 10 years, depending upon Qualification and experience
  • Age: 30 - 40 years
  • Gender: Male



  • Provide quality repair and maintenance service to EMS Division ambulance fleet
  • Manage, control and monitor all service administration procedures relating to invoicing and booking - in of and any other after sales related enquiry
  • Regulate the amount of parts inventory in Department carries at any given time. Maintains all the department-activity records. This includes all transactions, all financial records and the company budget.
  • Coordination with Procurement, Finance to minimize inventory carrying cost with planning as well as ensure timely availability of materials
  • Manage and ensure superior quality and efficiency of all service and parts staff
  • Implement and monitor all workshop loading procedures and delegate workloads and coordinate work through the workshop supervisors
  • Ensure health, safety and environmental aspects to prevent accidents within the workplace
  • Ensure that quality standards are met in relation to repairs and service set up
  • Responsible for proper handling of requisitions, orders, receipt and storage of stock
  • Ensure appropriate inventory levels are maintained and communicate with concern departments regarding stocking, ordering and deliveries
  • Develop, implement and organize warehouse management system for efficient receiving and delivery of the parts
  • Maintains a balanced inventory consistent with the workshop requirements and adjusts inventory to minimize obsolescence
  • Provide on the job trainings for supervisor and technicians

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